St. Francis Ocean Park

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

Over the years, we have heard about shark attacks all over the globe. Some unfortunately died and some survived with an arm or a leg. So I decided to travel down to the town of Naga and bite back. Located at the back of Naga's town hall is their St. Francis Ocean Park. This is where shark meat is served at its best. And this is where we get to not only bite a shark, but also eat it.

Tinolang Iho (shark soup)

Their Tinolang Iho (shark soup) was the best I had. With strong flavors that makes life a little comforting, it surely left me amazed by the taste. Boy oh boy! It sure is really good. And if you are as exotic as the rainforest in Africa, they will be happy to serve you with stingrays and ubod (ubod looks like an eel).

Kinilaw na Lamon-Lamon

Sinugbang Anduhaw (Grilled Anduhaw)

Since seafoods are their specialty, you should also have a taste of their Kinilaw na Lamon-Lamon. The meat is fresh and the spices that goes along with it dazzled my mind with ease. Also, do not forget to have their meaty Sinugbang Anduhaw (Grilled Anduhaw).

Crab Meat

But that's not all, their crab meat is a must have. With the size of Goliath's hand, it is good for 2 persons. Also make way for their Grilled Pusit. The pusit is perfectly grilled and doesn't taste like a strap from a Havaianas.

The good thing about St. Francis Ocean Park is that, they sell it cheap. With a 30.00 to 80.00 pesos price range, it won't hurt your declining wallet. So, if you are into seafoods and wants to have a meal by the sea, go to St. Francis Ocean Park (behind Naga's town hall, beside the tennis courts).

Sometimes, we just have to bite back.


Carcar's Chicharon

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

As a kid, every time my father will travel to the southern part of Cebu, he always have something when he comes home. And that something is Chicharon (pork cracklings). Located at the south, the town of Carcar holds the best Chicharon in the land. It looks like ordinary Chicharon, but like the new singing sensation, Susan Boyle, don't let the looks fool you because the explosive taste of Carcar's chicharon will surely sweep you off your feet.


Unlike any other Chicharon, Carcar makes it less salty and crispier than the rest. And no, don't start to question the freshness of the Chicharon because the Chicharon is packed right in front of you. Like a starlet in a new bold movie, it is guaranteed fresh.

Rotonda, Carcar

Make your way to the town of Carcar and go straight to Rotonda. There you'll see an army of Chicharon vendors waiting to serve you the best Chicharon in Cebu. For as low as 125.00 pesos, this hearty food will surely make your tastebuds go bonkers.


Sunburst Fried Chicken

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

(pic from

Founded in 1971 at Iligan City, under the name of A & C Chicken and Pizza House, this restaurant spread like forest fire to the Visayas. The name may change but the Fried Chicken is still much the same. People in the island of Cebu just couldn't get enough of their fried chicken. If you talk about fried chicken, then you are talking about Sunburst. Their fried chicken is simply the best in town, no doubt about it. The crisp of its skin will haunt you like Lady Gaga's Poker Face and the tenderness of the fried chicken's meat is ecstatic. Very well cooked and very well prepared. Sunburst always make me howl like a wolf on a full moon.

The famous Fried Chicken

The stage is dominated by their fried chicken, but you just can't set aside their backups. Their Lumpiang Shanghai is classic. The sauce may be a little weird for a Lumpiang Shanghai, but who needs the sauce when the lumpia itself is good to go?

Lumpiang Shanghai

Fried Bangus

I tried their Fried Bangus on a hot plate. The bangus was well fried but I didn't feel the sauce for me to say it brought down the house. Also, you got to taste their Beef Ampalaya. The mild flavors in this dish along with a touch of bitterness from the ampalaya makes it worth every peso you pay. The meat is tender and the sauce is soothing. This is a must-have.

Beef Ampalaya

It is so interesting on how Sunburst makes their Fried Chicken. It is like, they know everything about chickens and the art of frying it.

Sunburst is so good, I personally think they know which came out first between the chicken and the egg.

Visit them at SM City (233-1820) or at Capitol (254-9400).


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