Spaghetti Factory

>> Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Going on a vacation is what we always want. Heck, we even wish we do not have to work and just have the money for it. It always reminds you of something nice. Just by hearing the word 'vacation' is an instant relief. A thought of something very nice and nothing could go wrong with the world. It is an activity that is all about the positive side of life. The only negative thing about it is the money.

Vacation comes also with good food. Who among you here would want to eat instant noodles or even a canned sardines on vacation? Not unless if we do not have a choice. But if we do, as much as possible, it should be a grand meal. Like problems, diet is the last thing you will think when you're out on a cruise or riding a plane to go to a paradise of some sort.

However, not all people can have it grand. So if you do not have the money or time to experience the comforts of having a vacation at least comfort yourself with good food. This is where the Spaghetti Factory steps in.

Pasta Directory

Vacation is freedom from work and from life's drama. To give you the feeling of freedom and practice it, Spaghetti Factory gives the freedom of choice on what pasta you'd want for your order. Their pasta directory is filled with different options. From the good old spaghetti to the twisted fusilli, Spaghetti Factory provides enough varieties for you to choose from.


One of their bestsellers is the Carbonara. Mixed with ham, bacon, cream, with a sprinkle of parsley and topped with basil, their version is not just a conventional Carbonara. The thickness and the creaminess of the sauce is rich. The way the creaminess and the taste of the it stays in your lips leave you thinking about your first kiss: soft, exciting and long-lasting.

Red Seafood Pasta

Another favorite in Spaghetti Factory is the Red Seafood Pasta. Mixed with shrimp, squid, mussels, clam, tomato red sauce and parmesan cheese, this dish have a little bit of everything that it reminds me of Noah's Ark. The mixture of flavors is very intense. What I love about it is that it is not too sour and the flavors are well-balanced. Not to forget the good texture that the pasta provides with all the meat and sauce. Having this will take you to some island with white sand on a sunny day.

Spinach Dip

My personal preference though is their Spinach Dip. Served with pieces of crunchy garlic bread, the dip is composed of blended spinach with spices and herbs and topped with mozzarella cheese. The dip is baked to perfection as the mozzarella melts just like how an ice popsicle melts at the beach. Below the mozzarella is the creamy mashed/blended spinach which really taste beyond awesome. Together with the garlic bread, this dish makes one eat his greens.

Four Cheese Ravioli

If you want something new and something interesting, Spaghetti Factory's Four Cheese Ravioli is as interesting as the Piolo-KC breakup. Imagine ravioli - filled with 4 different kinds of cheese which is romana, ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar and splashed with cream sauce. What's inside is a piece of immortality in cheese form. I love the hint of sweetness in its sauce as it plays with the cheese mix inside your mouth. The dish is light, which makes it very comforting.

Panna Cotta

Creme Brulee

For desserts, the Panna Cotta is a classic Italian dessert which is made by simmering milk, cream, sugar and gelatin. The Spaghetti Factory's version is a fruit Panna Cotta which is topped with blueberry and has a plush of strawberry and blended mango below it. Imagine Italian leche flan, only fruity. Another Italian dessert is their Creme Brulee. Its very light as the cream is a bit bland and the spotlight revolves around the natural taste of the carmelized sugar on top. This is a good way to refresh the taste buds from the strong flavors of the main dish.

Spaghetti Factory knows too well that if we are not on vacation, we are planning for a party. For parties, Spaghetti Factory also delivers selected bestsellers on their menu and will pack it for you. However, please bear in mind that they only deliver party and family-size dishes. From October 1, 2010 to January 30, 2012, the Spaghetti Factory is running a Loyalty Festival promotion which you can take part of by collecting 8 stamps to get a Spaghetti Factory tumbler. Great deal, huh?

Each one of us deserves a good vacation. But not all of us are given the privilege of having enough money to sustain one. For that, we can always dine at a great restaurant that offers a foreign style and gives you the same blissful feeling, just like the Spaghetti Factory makes it happen.

But if you are lucky enough, go and visit Hawaii. It's got everything you need. Sand for the children, sun for the wife and sharks for the mother-in-law.

Spaghetti Factory is located at 3rd level, Ayala Center Cebu. Their prices ranges from P130 - P180. For take-out and delivery orders, call 238-5301 (for convenience, order a day before or 5 hours before) For prices and menu of delivery party boxes, go to

Visit their website at


All pictures are taken by Roui Faelnar. For more of his photography, you may visit his site at

Special thanks to Vanessa Balleras for the review of the article.


SM Mater Chef's Supersized Cook-off

>> Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photo by: Maria Caridad Satorre of

A truly pinoy Christmas is never complete until you've walked home on a frigid morning after dawn mass and stopped to sample a warm bibingka from a small stall by the road. Naturally, with Christmas being so close, SM Hypermarket chooses to cap their quarter-long Master Chefs extravaganza with a celebration of one of the most iconic of holiday treats, the bibingka. And where better to do it than in the home of the biggest bibingka in the world, Mandaue City, Cebu.

Known as the source of the best bibingka in the country, Mandaue City is also the home of many ingenious bakers who have taken delicacy and given it a delicious twist. But one thing stays the same - all Mandaue bibingka are cooked in the classic "inurno" style.

Last November 18, 2011, SM Hypermarket kicked off the holidays in Cebu by holding a festival for bibingka makers and lovers of the treat. Its Supersized competition paid tribute to the many variants of the basic recipe and challenged chefs from all over to create the tastiest bibingka, and to serve up as many plates of it as they can.

At the end of the day, two groups were declared as winners. The best Tasting and Most Number of Plates Served Category winners each received P25,000 worth of SM gift certificates and a plaque of recognition from SM Hypermarket.

Alang-Alang group won the Best Tasting Bibingka with a staggering rate of 93.33%. The Largest Bibingka Serving was given to Mandauehanon group for serving a total of 391 pieces of bibingka.



>> Saturday, October 22, 2011

They all say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is correct and it is good that that statement exist because it is the final solution to the debate of "who is prettier?" when it comes to Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes. But when it involves a person's look, it is never smart to tell your opinions directly to the person or to the other half. Simply because people are always bias when it comes to that part. Telling your friend that her boyfriend looks like a World Wildlife Fund promotional poster for neglected horses, even if it's true, the eye of the beholder statement is not acceptable. Chances are, you will lose a friend and if you are lucky, an eye too.

When it comes to food, we don't just look only for beauty, but also the taste. Truth is, no matter how many steroids he takes or how handsome your boyfriend is, a cheesecake is always tastier. Ilaputi restaurant knows too well about this that it fused beauty and taste better than Science. Ilaputi is one of the popular Asian and fusion restaurants in Cebu and is truly on top of the list. With an impressive original menu from the owner itself, this self-taught chef surely leaves an impression better than your trophy boyfriend.

Phoenix Mandarin Salad

Ilaputi's salads are the type that you don't see in most restaurants. Their salads are the real deal and have strong and mixed flavors. Just the way we want it. Their Phoenix Mandarin Salad is perfect. With a bowl that consists of grilled rosemary chicken breast fillet, apples, almonds and red onion on a bed of organic romaine lettuce and sealed with honey-citrus vinaigrette, you will surely calm your stomach in preparation for the main dish. I love how the salad have the tingle of sweetness and at the same time a very mild sourness on it. I like the almonds in the mix as it gives that extra crunch. The honey-citrus vinaigrette is a really smart choice as it holds together the flavors of each component. For people who have a salty tongue, the natural salty flavor of the Beef Mediterranean Salad is harder to spell than to eat. Packed with organic greens, tomatoes, onions, black olives, feta cheese and thinly sliced beef with Italian vinaigrette, this will surely put moist in your mouth. I love how this salad makes an explosion on the tongue.

Citrus Sunburst and Strawberry-Kiwi Slush

Ilaputi also have an amazing 22 signature drinks. Their Strawberry-Kiwi Slush have a taste of a tender feeling. The strawberry with a hint of kiwi blends gracefully, it is like a ghostly galleon tossed upon in cloudy seas. Ilaputi's Citrus Sunburst on the other hand is like your raging girlfriend defending your looks with the rabid tenacity of a 16 year old trying to defend the literary qualities of Twilight, it gives your tongue a blast and is guaranteed to wake your senses up. With orange, lemon and a touch of grenadine in one glass, goosebumps is expected.

Buffalo Chicken Fingers

Also good for starters is the Buffalo Chicken Fingers. Consisting of panko-crusted chicken fingers with teriyaki sauce, vegetable sticks and blue cheese dip, it has the core of Ilaputi's menu which is quality, quantity and awesome presentation. The chicken fingers are crunchy and at the same time, tender. The chicken and the vegetable sticks works very well with the blue cheese dip.

Dragon Chop

New on the menu is the Dragon Chop. This is simply one of my favorites. The flavors are so extraordinary that I can't believe it is real because fiction is the only place where flavors like this dish exists. This dish is composed of an overnight marinated thick-cut grilled garlic pork chop, flashed with garlic-cilantro yoghurt, spicy mango chutney dip and served with raisin butter rice. Aside from its generous size that can feed Leyte, the flavor that sips into the tender meat is amazing. Along with the garlic-cilantro yoghurt and the spicy mango dip, it is a tornado blasting its way through your tongue. Pair it with raisin butter rice for that additional creamy, sweet taste, this is simply fusion 101.

The Stroganov

What will you get when Ilaputi put together tenderloin tips with mushrooms and rich sour cream sauce? Sure as hell not Kris Aquino but the restaurant's bestseller, The Stroganov. This Ilaputi dish is as popular as the prom queen that you will never date. But unlike the prom queen, this actually can be yours. The tenderloin's natural flavor came out perfectly and in typical over-the-top fashion, smothered with the lip-smacking flavor of its rich sour cream sauce. I love the stroganov's genuine taste with a minimal drama of the spices. With flavor and rich taste like the stroganov, its status as the bestseller is never to be questioned.

As amazing as the dishes at Ilaputi, the presentation of each dish is very well done. It is very pleasant that it makes you feel like a judge in the Iron Chef show. The beauty of the dish and the real taste of the food makes you feel special.

We may not be as stunning as the actors on TV. But it does not mean that we can't have nice things such as beautiful women, strong wine and good food. As long as there is time, there is justice for the non-appealing.

Because time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.

Ilaputi is located at i1 Bldg. Asiatown IT Park, Cebu City. You may contact them for delivery at (032) 415-8800. For prices and their complete set of menu, you may go to their website at


All pictures are taken by Roui Faelnar. For more of his photography, you may visit his site at


WIN ILAPUTI GIFT CHECKS! and Ilaputi is giving away 300 gift certificates to 3 lucky readers! To win, simply answer this question:

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You may e-mail the answer at First 3 to answer will win 300 gift cards from Ilaputi!

The answer is: Dragon Chop


Rilven Virtudazo
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BigBoy Flordeliza

I will contact you by e-mail for the arrangements. Thank you all for joining! Cheers!


M and M Lechon

>> Saturday, October 8, 2011

Building foundations of a good friendship requires time and nurturing. Any random person in the world could be your best friend, as long as you are willing to accept one's imperfections. A good way to nurture it is by spending time with your friends. A very important component to this is food. Yes, food brings people together. Either bad or good food, it still sparks the conversation in the table. Food essentially puts a positive effect most of the time, especially if the food is shared.

One of the greatest invention of man before the iPhone, lechon baboy, is one of the powerhouse in the gastronomic world. Lechon baboy is served for all purposes. You can devour it alone if you just can't get enough of the awesome fat or you can share it with family and friends. Having it alone would be incredible but as my personal take, nothing beats eating with someone.

Lechon Baboy

M and M Lechon knows about this and they know well. Serving in one of the booming districts of the south, M and M Lechon offers one of the best lechons in Cebu. M and M Lechon serves authentic Cebu lechon and makes sure that people of all types will get to enjoy it. If you are eating alone, you can still have lechon with their budget meal of 1/8 kilo of lechon, 2 puso (hanging rice) and your soda of choice for only P57.00.


Aside from lechon, M and M also serve other types of food coming from the lechon. If you are into chicharon bulaklak, liver or any dish that is made from the insides of the lechon, you would be delighted that everything is only at P12.00 each! What is great is that they just did not fry the laman-loob but marinated it and cooked in adobong bisaya style. The chicharon bulaklak is a bit salty as it retrieves its natural salt from the meat. People who have incredible salty tongues would surely love it.

Dinuguan, Paksiw and Laman-loob

Like Apple not having Steve Jobs, a lechon stall is comedy if they do not serve dinuguan. The fresh blood pudding is one good partner for lechon. These two are best of friends and you can never go wrong in pairing them both. For only P15.00, you can make a meal out of it already as the meaty dinuguan will always give you that nice fullness in the stomach. Not to be neglected is M and M's lechon paksiw. I love how they shy away the taste of the oil in cooking and the way they soften the lechon meat. Mixed with strong spices and a blast of vinegar, the lechon paksiw will kick start the conversation. The aroma of the dish reminds me of how strong my relationship was before I fell out of love with my ex, Anne Curtis.

If you have not tasted the lechon coming from Talisay, you have not tasted "Cebu lechon". Yes, there are some good players in Metro Cebu but the lechon in Talisay is at a different level. The meat is very tender and the flavor of the spices are able to set aside a little, making way for the natural flavor of the pork. What is also amazing is that M and M does not serve large pigs. Because of this, the flavor and the taste is so intact and the meat is extraordinarily juicy. Everyone's favorite, the lechon skin will not make you remember your Math because it never fails. Simply put, it is as crisp as the Iron Man costume.

The lechon is so good that even Taylor Swift is writing a song about it.

Having a good, hearty meal with family and friends is one of the best moments of our lives. M and M Lechon knows about this and this is why, like us, they nurture and place a good foundation when it comes to making the best lechon.

They make sure that the flavor, together with the experience of food, remains true and authentic. Just like how we like our friends.

M and M Lechon is located at the parking lot (at the back of McDonald's) of Gaisano Fiesta Mall, Cebu South Road, Tabunok, Talisay City.

For orders, you may contact: 513-0484 (landline), 09194973698 or 09231449919 (mobile) and look for Marvin or Marite Garcia


All pictures are taken by Roui Faelnar. For more of his photography, you may visit his site at


Cafe Cul-De-Sac

>> Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cafe Cul-De-Sac

During the early stage of our lives, we spend most of the time playing, chasing our crushes and wishing for that diploma to come. After that stage, we then chase the perfect job. Everyone thought that this stage is better than being a student. Working is good especially if you love the job. If you don't, you will have to look at your boss through the prongs of a fork and imagine him in jail. We work because we want to succeed in life. We all agree that good things in this world require work, unless your name happens to be James "Bimby" Aquino Yap.

Just like our favorite food, it requires work.

Right near the entrance of Sto. Niño Village, a restaurant has been working and is working very well with their craft. Powered by word of mouth, Cafe Cul-De-Sac earned the visits of the people that are lucky enough to know about them. The ambiance of the place is very intimate and is perfect for good talks with good friends.

In Cul-De-Sac, your orders come in sets. You get to choose a soup, a main course and top the meal with a scoop of ice cream. Cul-De-Sac also makes sure that you are well-pampered during your stay and work on the food to ensure the goodness with it.

Pumpkin Soup

Mushroom Soup

So you finally got the strength to ask the hottest girl in the office but the awkward silence during your date formed a cartoon bubble between you two — waiting for an ice-breaking joke to be written on it? You don't need to worry. Let Cul-De-Sac do the talking for you by getting her the champion soup and my personal favorite, Pumpkin Soup. The pumpkin soup will surely give you goose bumps during your first taste. The soup is thick with a very good aroma that has the temptation of Cleopatra. The spices and herbs that goes with it are striking and the dash of cinnamon on top will surely leave women smitten. The chef's work does not concentrate on the pumpkin soup only. Cul-De-Sac's Mushroom Soup is by far, the best mushroom soup I have ever tasted. The soup is creamy and the flavors are well-balanced as the salt and pepper really got their groove going on it. On top are tiny bits of cilantro that just compliments the flavor and the creaminess of the soup.

Fruit and Shrimp Iceberg Salad

You think the chef has done a good job? Wait until you get to have their Fruit and Shrimp Iceberg Salad. The great work of the chef with this salad is how he manipulates the taste of the ingredients without adding so much dressing. The best way to eat this is to have a bit of everything, from the cucumber down to the iceberg lettuce. I love how the sweetness of the peach, the natural flavor of the shrimp and the crunch of the iceberg lettuce leaves an impression to the mouth. This salad is simply as gentle as returned love letters.

Fish Fillet with Lemon

Most of us gets bored with work. But not with the kitchen gods of Cul-De-Sac. The food and the plating is a testament to that. Their Fish Fillet with Lemon is one of their greatest seafood dishes. The fish have a distinctive crunch in the outside while the inside is as soft as a baby's cheek. With vegetables on the side, the fish fillet comes with a light flavor with a stroke of lemon. The fish fillet is fried perfectly and the natural odor of the fish is removed by the lemon. This is a job well done for the guys back in the kitchen.


After all those goodies that are mentioned, the work is not yet over. The bestseller on their meat section of the menu is the Ussobucco. Cul-De-Sac's Ussobucco is serious business, and its taste is just incredible. The sauce that covers the veal shanks alone can already be considered a dish itself. The flavor of the beef is all over the dish and that's what makes it really good. The Ussobucco is also sauteed perfectly as it clearly preserved the texture, moisture and flavor of the meat. With a sprinkle of cilantro on top, the flavor of the Ussobucco plays with your tongue like a melody that's sweetly played in tune. This bestseller is made for the kings.

The food at Cafe Cul-De-Sac is proof that with great work, great result is surely guaranteed. From the cooks down to the very accommodating staff, Cafe Cul-De-Sac does not need advertisements or even go out from a village just for people to dine in.

Love your job like the cooks and crew of Cafe Cul-De-Sac and people will notice. As for me, I love my job. It fascinates me. I sit and stare at it for hours.

Cafe Cul-De-Sac is located at 29th Maya St. Sto. Niño Village Banilad Cebu City. They are open everyday at 6:00PM - 12:00PM. The menu is at P100.00 - P300.00 (subject to change without notice)

It would be better if you call for reservations at 346-1676 or 343-7230. They also have a function room that is at P4,500 (consumable). Prices might change without notice.


All pictures are taken by Roui Faelnar. For more of his works, you may go to


Event: Krispy Kreme In Cebu!

>> Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Krispy Kreme. This doughnut does not need any introduction. Just by a glance of the brand, you know it's the best doughnut in the world. It's been years of wait that it has become Manila's delicacy as people coming back home are obliged to bring it as a pasalubong. That will end pretty soon as Krispy Kreme will finally set foot in Cebu and is here to stay!

Official press release:

A Sweeter Treat Beyond Luzon

Five years after Krispy Kreme set foot in the Philippines, the confectionary company immediately garnered its own niche leading to an extensive expansion across Metro Manila.

Krispy Kreme opened its 1st store at Bonifacio Global City in November 2006. At present, Krispy Kreme boasts of 23 stores that serve renowned melt-in-your mouth doughnuts and coffee.

“We achieved what the Americans have been feasting on since 1930’s—the famous Krispy Kreme doughnut line, best served after the hot light outside the store flashes on,” says Jim Fuentebella, Chairman of Krispy Kreme Philippines . “And we also experienced the long lines that people in the US do, every time a new store opens for business.”

In fact, what the Filipinos did was more than just a line. True to Krispy Kreme's passion for fun and excitement, the first customers get a month or even a year long supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Thus, some camped near the branch hours and even days before the new store’s opening.

And this is probably the scene that Cebuanos should expect now that Krispy Kreme is about to land on the celebrated Queen City of the South.

“Bringing Krispy Kreme in one of the country’s most vibrant cities is just one of the results of our continuous expansion outside Metro Manila,” says Fuentebella.

Meanwhile, Mark Gamboa, Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme Philippines says that the Krispy Kreme branch in Cebu will also offer wide varieties of doughnuts and beverages that made Krispy Kreme famous across the globe.

“We want to share the Krispy Kreme experience in our Cebu market thus we are bringing what the brand has to offer all the way down to the south,” says Gamboa. “From the world’s famous Original Glazed, yeast-raised and cake doughnut varieties, to our Signature Coffee and its different hot and cold variants—they can experience them all.”

Soon to be located in Ayala Center ’s The Terraces, Krispy Kreme Cebu is poised to be a sweet-destination-treat in the thriving Cebu Business District. Surrounded with sophisticated establishments, green landscapes and orchestrated water features, Krispy Kreme’s future location promises a relaxing yet refined surroundings of Cebu.


On October 22, 2011, Krispy Kreme will open its first store in Cebu at the Ayala Active Zone/Terraces. Not only that, after drumming up the grand opening of the first store in Ayala to the tune of awesome, another branch will also follow at the ground floor of Asia Premier Residences in IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.

UPDATE: Krispy Kreme will also open in SM City!


Event: Fantastic Filipino Flavors @ UNO

>> Sunday, July 17, 2011

Waterfront Hotel's UNO restaurant has recently launched the Fantastic Filipino Flavors for the whole month of July!

This food festival will be in the limelight at UNO for the entire month, and will be available for lunch and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. Buffet spread will include sisig, danggit, bulalo, kinilaw, crispy pata, lechon manok, lechon kawali, liempo, bagoong rice, pinakbet and kare - kare, among others.

Along with the festival, Waterfront Cebu and their Marketing Communications Manager, the stunning Ms. Mae Varron officially introduced their new and classy Food & Beverage Director, Mr. Alastair Granger.


UNO restaurant is known for their extravagant cuisines from different parts of the world. But it does not mean that they can't cook Filipino dishes. The very Filipino dish, Pinakbet caused a buzz every time someone gets a spoonful. The fresh vegetables and the classic and strong mix of flavors from it will surely shoot up your delicious meter. I love how the way it was prepared. Vegetables are not totally dead and not boring like your boyfriend who spends most of his time on the internet. You know your pinakbet is best when you still get that crunch from the vegetables.

Binagoong Rice

Filipinos are not fond of rice. We can live without it and is not really that important in all of our meals. Those are the statements of denial from a person in a middle of a no-carb diet. But I do not think you can get away from their binagoong rice. Usually, most restaurants fail at this dish with the excessive amount of bagoong in the mix. UNO made it perfect by just flirting with the bagoong's taste. It is what binagoong rice should be.


Meat and vegetable dishes are common in a Filipino cookbook. UNO's kare-kare is simply amazing. It reminded me of my relationship with ex-girlfriend, Emma Watson. It was a time that it felt that everything was right and nothing could go wrong. UNO's kare-kare is just like that. But this time, it has a happy ending. There is absolutely no wrong in the ingredients for this one. The peanut butter did not take away the spotlight from the meat and the vegetables. Tender meat, fresh vegetables and pure flavors all in one? That's a classic Filipino dish. That's UNO's kare-kare.

The only bad thing about the kare-kare is that I could not take the whole serving to my plate.


Sweet and Sour Fish

In a Filipino buffet, it should have at least one type of pancit. UNO's pancit habhab is a mix of flavors from the earth and the ocean. I love the shrimp's flavor being complimented by the pancit and the eggs. Their sweet and sour fish also captivates the stomach as it is not soaked with the sauce entirely. I love how the fish stays dry with just a little amount or a hint of the sweet and sour sauce.

Pancit Habhab

Ginataang Adobong Manok

Their ginataang adobong manok is one of my favorites. The mere fact that it is adobo, Filipinos will love it. But the coconut milk on it is simply putting elegance on the dish. The coconut milk is a very smart addition as it is used to fuse the flavors from the adobo. As we all know, fusion is good. It almost killed Majin Boo.


Puto Cheese

For the festival, the dessert corner will also showcase different Filipino desserts. But also make sure that you get to taste their cheesecake. Trust me, their cheesecake is one of the best food that I've put in my mouth.

Filipino Pastries

With all the good Filipino dishes, there will be more to it as those are just part of the Filipino buffet spread of UNO!

UNO is located at the Gourmet Walk of Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino Lahug Cebu City. Buffet is at P850.00 per head. Operating hours: 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM A la carte menu available 5:30 AM – 10: 30 AM (Breakfast Buffet) 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Lunch Buffet) 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM (Dinner Buffet)


All pictures are taken by Roui Faelnar. For more of his works, you may go to


Ryan's Pizzarelli House

>> Saturday, June 11, 2011

There are a lot of differences between men and women. Women have wonderful instincts about things. They can discover everything except the obvious. Men on the other hand were made at the end of the week's work, when God was tired. When it comes to the gender war, we always put our arguments on who is more dominant. We disagree in a lot of things and forget that men and women are somehow the same. We all get hungry, right? Well not if you are a ballet dancer. I heard they can go for 6 months without eating and slowly turn into a swan.

According to my imaginary survey statistics, men and women love Ryan's Pizzarelli House. This is because Ryan's Pizzarelli House offers classic pizzas and calzones. Not only that, the guys at Ryan's Pizzarelli House made sure that their pizzas and calzones are affordable.

Ryan's Heavyweight Calzone

Men and women both can gain and lose weight. No need to argue because we all know that girls want to have Kim Kardashian's body and men want to have Dingdong Dantes' physique (commonly known as MY body). When it comes to food, no one wants to have a pinch of a serving. We want a whole pot of the food. Served just like for kings and queens, Ryan's Heavyweight Calzone lives up to its name. The calzone is so big, you can re-create the solar system on it. On one serving, you will find a generous amount of ham, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions. All these with a big splash of cheese.

Tapout Calzone

If you think that's just a piece of cake, their Tapout Calzone will surely put your lights out! With a one-two combination of sausages and mushrooms, you better bring on your game because this calzone is not kidding around. I like how they bring the flavors of this calzone. Not too many stuffing but you will be able to taste each ingredient.

Harisman's Pizza

Men and women have their own taste in everything. From clothes to beauty, it is a never-ending battle. If you are more of a pizza person, you should try their Harisman's Special. This pizza will dazzle you with great flavors. Blanketed with tomato sauce and topped with garlic, ground beef, ham, bacon, sausage, bell pepper, onion, tomato and mushroom, this pizza will surely leave a taste on your tongue.

We are all special. Some men are dominant and some women are. A lot of guys think the larger a woman's breasts are, the less intelligent she is. I think the larger a woman's breasts are, the less intelligent the men become. Ryan's Pizzarelli Special comes close to a woman's breasts. This pizza is so good, it’s guaranteed that someone will get crazy just by looking at it. It has the most impressive arsenal of beef, bologna, pepperoni, chorizo, green bell pepper, onion, mushroom and potato strings.

Ryan's Pizzarelli House offers different kinds of pizzas and calzones. This pizza house is surely not your regular pizza house. Ryan's Pizzarelli House has bagged its dominance over other pizza houses around Cebu. This restaurant belongs to the elite class for sure, because in the gastronomic world, there is no equal. Restaurants try to raise the bar when it comes to greatness.

But men and women are not restaurants. We are above all things here in this earth.

Always remember that you are unique - just like everybody else.

Ryan's Pizzarelli House is located at 181-D Maria Christina Ext. Cebu City. (Near Sacred Heart School for Girls)

Pizzas are at P260, P300 and P380 while the Calzones are at P220 and P250. All servings are good for 4 persons.


All pictures are taken by Roland Faelnar. For more of his works, you may go to



>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pork Spare Ribs With Kimto Sauce

All of us experience break-ups. We avoid it like how a goat distances itself from water. In trying to avoid this unavoidable thing, some people treat their partner like royalty by doing everything their partner wants them to do. Some impress their partner with the profession of their undying love by making a video and post it in YouTube. Some cool people however just keep it plain and simple by chaining their partners to the bed rail and keep them drugged.

A break-up is emotionally draining but no matter how much it hurts, it still has its good side because as the cliché goes, everything happens for a reason. Maybe because he/she was not the right one for you or maybe you're bound to grow old living with cats.

If you recently have a break-up, stop crying and eat out. Yes, eating is the best therapy during break-ups because in this world, only good food gives out true love.

Fish Fillet Ala Munier

The best restaurant to visit for a massive foodfest will be UNO Restaurant at the Waterfront Grand Hotel & Casino in Lahug. Whatever reason it may be, from break-ups to celebrations, UNO Restaurant is guaranteed to offer the best comfort food for you.

Texan Pork Spare Ribs

These are the popular excuses when you are being dumped and why UNO loves you more than your partner:

Excuse #1: "I just need some space"

In UNO, the chefs will never ask for space as they make sure that you are filled with great food made by the finest culinary experts. Their Texan Pork Spare Ribs is truly mind-blowing. The taste of the pork elopes well with the flavors added and the way it is grilled is beyond expert. This can definitely pass for authentic country-style dish. Meat is very tender and the taste of the dish is so spectacular, you will never have enough space in your stomach.

Sauerbraten With Spaetzel

Excuse #2: "You just don't understand me"

Understanding people is hard because everyone is unique. Even you will not understand UNO. You will never understand the good feeling of eating great food offered. Their Sauerbraten with Spaetzel will leave you in a state of shock as you will never understand how such light flavors mix well with a chunk of meat. Sauerbraten is often paired with boiled potatoes or served with red cabbage but the Spaetzel converted this ensemble into a dish for the kings. With the flavors of the meat and the Spaetzel, the hint of milk and cheese really come out and plays with your tongue. This is one of the best contributions Germany has given out for the world and simply, just my personal favorite.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Hainanese Chicken With Condiments

Excuse #3: "It's not you, it's me"

Liar. Of course it's you. You are the reason why your partner is breaking up with you. Maybe he/she found another person who spends more time in the real world than the internet super stud which is you. UNO does not have a problem with that because you and your happiness are always the priority. UNO's Chicken Cordon Bleu is the best Chicken Cordon Bleu that I ever had. The texture was very good and the melted cheese was not all over the dish. Another delightful dish is their Hainanese Chicken with Condiments. What I love about UNO's Hainanese Chicken is that, it is prepared in traditional Hainanese method which is to boil the chicken in a pork and chicken bone stock. The condiments are also there to give more flavor and helps the chicken attain its tremendous taste.

Lo Han Chai (Buddha's Delight)

Braised Beancurd With Shrimp

Excuse #4: "I love you in the way I love Jesus"

Okay, you are being placed back to the dreaded friends' zone. It does not matter though because UNO can accommodate everyone in your new zone. With their wide array and impressive arsenal of great cuisines from the world, you and your love ones will surely receive love in different languages through food. For vegetable lovers, UNO's Lo Han Chai (Buddha's Delight) has the very essence of the tradition of vegetaranism being practiced in Chinese temples. The mild flavor of the dish is really pleasant and heavenly. Another healthy dish is their Braised Beancurd with Shrimp. Tofu lovers will surely love this as the tofu is so soft that you do not even have to chew it. The way it melts in your mouth along with the natural flavor of the shrimp gives you comfort.

Dimsum Station

Sushi Corner

Excuse #5: "You've changed"

We all do. If your partner can't deal with that, UNO can. As the only constant thing about this world is change, UNO serves different types of dish everyday. They have a fixed menu but they will of course, change their lineup because no one loves a boring buffet. You can check out the sushi and maki corner, their dimsum section, grill area and a lot more. Their pastries are explosive. Mango crepe is always fresh from the pan and never forget to try their cheesecake. Their cheesecake just spells incredible. You can even tell that the texture of the cheesecake is orgasmic. It's the best cheesecake I have ever tasted as of late.

Some of the treats from their Pastry Section

There are a lot of excuses to break up with someone. Whatever the reason it may be, you will always have your friends to back you up. Not only that, there is also great food ready to help you cope up with the drama.

UNO is one restaurant that you should check out. It would be best if you share the experience with your loved ones and with great food, you will be able to feel that the world does not hate you at all. And before you know it, you will again feel nauseous and tingly all over. Which means, you are either in love or you just have smallpox.

UNO is located at the Gourmet Walk of Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino Lahug Cebu City. Buffet is at P850.00 per head. Operating hours: 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM A la carte menu available 5:30 AM – 10: 30 AM (Breakfast Buffet) 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Lunch Buffet) 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM (Dinner Buffet)


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