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>> Saturday, June 11, 2011

There are a lot of differences between men and women. Women have wonderful instincts about things. They can discover everything except the obvious. Men on the other hand were made at the end of the week's work, when God was tired. When it comes to the gender war, we always put our arguments on who is more dominant. We disagree in a lot of things and forget that men and women are somehow the same. We all get hungry, right? Well not if you are a ballet dancer. I heard they can go for 6 months without eating and slowly turn into a swan.

According to my imaginary survey statistics, men and women love Ryan's Pizzarelli House. This is because Ryan's Pizzarelli House offers classic pizzas and calzones. Not only that, the guys at Ryan's Pizzarelli House made sure that their pizzas and calzones are affordable.

Ryan's Heavyweight Calzone

Men and women both can gain and lose weight. No need to argue because we all know that girls want to have Kim Kardashian's body and men want to have Dingdong Dantes' physique (commonly known as MY body). When it comes to food, no one wants to have a pinch of a serving. We want a whole pot of the food. Served just like for kings and queens, Ryan's Heavyweight Calzone lives up to its name. The calzone is so big, you can re-create the solar system on it. On one serving, you will find a generous amount of ham, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions. All these with a big splash of cheese.

Tapout Calzone

If you think that's just a piece of cake, their Tapout Calzone will surely put your lights out! With a one-two combination of sausages and mushrooms, you better bring on your game because this calzone is not kidding around. I like how they bring the flavors of this calzone. Not too many stuffing but you will be able to taste each ingredient.

Harisman's Pizza

Men and women have their own taste in everything. From clothes to beauty, it is a never-ending battle. If you are more of a pizza person, you should try their Harisman's Special. This pizza will dazzle you with great flavors. Blanketed with tomato sauce and topped with garlic, ground beef, ham, bacon, sausage, bell pepper, onion, tomato and mushroom, this pizza will surely leave a taste on your tongue.

We are all special. Some men are dominant and some women are. A lot of guys think the larger a woman's breasts are, the less intelligent she is. I think the larger a woman's breasts are, the less intelligent the men become. Ryan's Pizzarelli Special comes close to a woman's breasts. This pizza is so good, it’s guaranteed that someone will get crazy just by looking at it. It has the most impressive arsenal of beef, bologna, pepperoni, chorizo, green bell pepper, onion, mushroom and potato strings.

Ryan's Pizzarelli House offers different kinds of pizzas and calzones. This pizza house is surely not your regular pizza house. Ryan's Pizzarelli House has bagged its dominance over other pizza houses around Cebu. This restaurant belongs to the elite class for sure, because in the gastronomic world, there is no equal. Restaurants try to raise the bar when it comes to greatness.

But men and women are not restaurants. We are above all things here in this earth.

Always remember that you are unique - just like everybody else.

Ryan's Pizzarelli House is located at 181-D Maria Christina Ext. Cebu City. (Near Sacred Heart School for Girls)

Pizzas are at P260, P300 and P380 while the Calzones are at P220 and P250. All servings are good for 4 persons.


All pictures are taken by Roland Faelnar. For more of his works, you may go to http://rouifaelnar.com


bans,  June 12, 2011 at 9:32 AM  

the tapout calzone looks fun.

James July 13, 2011 at 11:53 PM  

Wow another great place to try out. Excellent food shots.

peenkfrik July 19, 2011 at 11:21 PM  

Sounds like another pizza place worth the visit but I am unfamiliar with the place. Unsay jeep muagi dri? :)

Jason July 23, 2011 at 11:21 PM  

peenkfrik: um... lol I am not that good in jeepneys. Just head to Baseline and walk it down towards Sacred Heart Girls. It's pretty near. Follow the signs. :D

field trip boy September 11, 2011 at 6:08 PM  

We are looking forward to go and have a taste of their calzone, especially now that they have a promo on one of the group buying sites.

wakalan May 4, 2012 at 8:47 AM  

Intelligent and enjoyable article. Seems like you got the lion's share of those wonderful treats, your brain swelled up and threw out these amusing play of language and euphemisms. Good read. and yes, delicious food.

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