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>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

After every full meal, we always look for something to remove the edible taste in our tongue. And I am not talking about lip service. Good restaurants don't always have good desserts to finish you up and that's a fact. This is where Dessert Factory comes in. With a crew sporting a wizard-ish hat, they will be your tooth faeries for your visit to their factory of epic win.

Turtle Brownie Ala Mode

They have a good set of Ala Modes to choose from. Turtle Brownie Ala Mode is one of my favorites (there are no animals hurt or used in this Ala Mode). It is a slice of brownie topped with ice cream (of choice), toasted nuts, caramel syrup and the love of the chocolate syrup. This Ala Mode's taste really explodes in your mouth. With all the stuff getting mixed up, nothing could go wrong with this turtle.

Rocky Road Brownie Ala Mode

Another Ala Mode that hypnotized me was the Rocky Road Brownie Ala Mode. Again, it is a slice of brownie topped with ice cream (of choice, of course), toasted peanuts and marshmallows to go. I say, it is like the Rocky Road cake but with enhancements from the syrups and the ice cream, this is one heck of a Rocky Road.

Fish FAILlet

If you're hungry and does not want to indulge any sweet stuff yet, I suggest NOT to try their Fish Fillet. It is well fried and tender and nice but the thing is too salty. Not for me. Go try another meal on their menu.

Their Fish Fillet may fail but that's okay, they are the Dessert Factory. They specialize in desserts, not meals.

Achocolypse Now!

If Ala Modes does not rock your boat, then have a slice of their Achocolypse Now! cake. This is the cake that will end all chocolate cakes. This chocolate cake comes in layers of different kinds of chocolates. The line up consists of chocolate cheesecake, chocolate walnut ganache, chocolate extreme and chocolate pudding. Oh, and did I forget the chocolate icing and the nuts? I don't have the words to tell you how good this chocolate cake is. I'm sorry but this cake makes me speechless. This is food for the gods.

They should put on the menu:

WARNING: Awesomeness.

Dessert Factory is located at the Ayala Terraces.


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