>> Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"It is somewhere here", I told myself while I was driving at 10Kph, looking at every corner, like a mad man about to hit the jackpot in an ATM machine. But in my case, I was not looking for an ATM machine to open up but it was a pot of gold at the end of an urban rainbow.

I have been to that place before. I am so sure about it that I can say, "been there, ate that."

After 15 minutes of driving around SM City Cebu, I found Rd. North 6. I bet you all passed by this corner before but didn't paid attention because it is more like an entrance to a slum area instead of an access road. One thing I can tell you is, do not underestimate the power of a neglected part of the North Reclamation Project. A block away from the corner of Rd. North 6 embed the ultimate eatery in north reclamation area.

This eatery that I was looking for is A-One Tinola ug Sinugba. This place is a haven for all seafood lovers for their fresh catch dishes and for their perfect way in cooking and grilling any kind of meat. Not just that, they are also known for their large servings that can make Erich Gonzales' breasts look like a joke.

Tinolang Mamsa

Their Tinolang Mamsa is a firecracker. Very well cooked and the freshness of the fish stays. I just can't find any overkill on the flavors and the soup is consistently right, from the aroma to the taste. The best part of their Tinola is the head. They serve the Mamsa's head for an approximate of 330Php per serving. This serving is so big, they have to serve the fish's head and the soup separately. This dish is really good that it's like the Lady Gaga song, it stays in your head. The only difference is, you don't want it to end.

Going large

Grilled Squid (Pusit)

Now, if you want to have another dish to go with your Tinolang Mamsa, you can order any available grilled seafood. There is no secret with the flavors in marinating, it is just salt. But what makes it special is the way they grill it. It is grilled so perfectly, you can't imagine how. I strongly recommend their Grilled Squid and Mamsa, it's like the 90's Michael Jordan, it never fails.

Grilled Pork Belly

For the pork-loving individuals, you do not need to frown. Their Grilled Pork Belly is treated just like how the seafood is treated. Grilled to its finest form but this time, marinated to its best taste.

A-One may not be air-conditioned or may not have waiters in uniform, but when it comes to good food, as long as it is clean and cooked in perfection, attention must be given and a blog post shall be provided for great justice.

Note: Prices differs from the sizes of the serving. Expect a 90Php - 180Php price range.

A-One Main Branch is found in Rd. North 6, North Reclamation (street where Sungold is located; in front of SM City Cebu), their 2nd branch is also located in front of the SM City Northwing Parking Lot (just across the street).


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