Fruits in Ice Cream

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ice cream is one of the finest creations of man since the wheel. This is considered one of the superstars when it comes to desserts. Whenever and whatever it is, there is nothing an ice cream can't do. It can stop a baby throwing tantrums and can quiet a man like a .45 pistol.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

This is why age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone. Most especially if that scoop of ice cream is from Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC).

Fruits in Ice Cream is on the A-list of ice cream shops in the country. With a deadly roster of more than 40 ice cream flavors, you will surely go crazy over them. There is no secret about it, the reason why this ice cream shop is one of the elite is because of the milk content. The milk ingredients is being imported from New Zealand and Australia. That is how FIC ticks.

Pistachio Ice Cream

Fruits in Ice Cream's Mangga't Suman flavor is one adventurous darling. This belongs to their Pinoy Sorbetes flavors that interprets popular Filipino desserts. They also have Tsoko Pinipig, Banana Q and Halo Halo flavors. Their Pistachio Ice Cream is one of a kind. You can distinguish the real pistachio in every spoonful of it. The texture is very smooth and heavy, you will get the mouthfeel of the milk from it. This pistachio is as real as the stare of your mother-in-law. The sweetness does not take over and instead, it just guides the true flavor all the way.

With all the rotten things in life going on for unlucky people, their Cookies n' Cream will make people think that everything is going to be okay. Their version of the famous flavor tells me that I have been eating the wrong cookies n' cream ice cream since childhood.

Frozen Cupcake

Fruits in Ice Cream is not limited to scooping ice creams. Their Frozen Cupcake is insanely good. It is a cupcake with a scoop of ice cream on top glazed with chocolate. The cupcake is soft and the inside is as moist as a real kiss. This is one sexy dessert.

Since ice cream cravings are not to be taken lightly by the health conscious, Fruits in Ice Cream Lite will be your excuse. This version have no added sugar and only have 50% of the fat content in regular ice cream products. Parental guidance is not a recommended.

Green Tea Milkshake

Mocha Milkshake

When you talk about ice cream, you should also talk about milkshakes. We all know that a good milkshake depends on how good the ice cream is. FIC's milkshakes are remarkable. The sweetness stays but it is the sweetness from the ice cream and not from a pound of sugar. Their Green Tea Milkshake must not be judged by its name. This milkshake will make you feel godlike, as though you can conquer enemies, lead an army and entice lovers. Oh trust me, it will give you that Brad Pitt effect.

The price range for the FIC ice creams aren't bad at all and it is worth it. FIC uses top quality ingredients and they mean it more than your girlfriend saying, "you are a handsome man with class."

Money may talk, but great ice cream sings. You being handsome may be a long shot, but I'm sure Fruits in Ice Cream will take care of the class part.

Fruits in Ice Cream scooping stations can be found in SM City Cebu Upper Ground Floor (by Ace Hardware) and in Ayala Center Cebu 2nd floor (beside Chowking).


Special thanks to Kim of for the pictures used in this post.


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