Hi, I'm Jason. I am the pilot of Hungit Cebu food blog. I have been a blogger for years already and yes, I do still have a life. I previously have personal blogs but since personal blogs are not supposed to happen and sharing my personal life is equivalent to setting myself on fire, I have decided to blog about what I do best, eating. You can also catch me at Monster Radio BT 105.9 for a food segment on Wednesdays (not regularly) with Ryk Orion. I am a gamer and ridiculously listen a lot of punk rock.

In tagalog, hungit is "Subo" which means to take a spoonfull of food in your mouth. This blog aims to be the best as it can be and to give you an idea on how my appetite ticks. It will be my pleasure to serve what Cebu and other provinces in the Philippines has to offer for your appetite. It might be a little sugary in spots, a little sour in the others but I can assure you, this is definitely home cooked! With plenty of special seasoning, directly from the heart.

Come to think of it, this works just like a personal blog. Damn.


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