>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If you wanna talk about native Filipino food, Golden Cowrie will be the first to get in your mind. One of the famous restaurants in Cebu, Golden Cowrie does not just offer good Filipino dishes, but also an ambiance so comforting, it feels like a spa. With a crew that wears native Filipino dresses ready to serve you and a banana leaf for a plate, nothing is more Filipino than Golden Cowrie Restaurant.

Crispy Pata

Golden Cowrie is so Pinoy, they offer eat all you can rice. Whichever you like, plain rice or garlic rice, it is eat all you can. Golden Cowrie is famous for their Crispy Pata and they did not just call it crispy for nothing. The crisp of the skin and the tenderness of the meat is just mindblowing, I wonder how in the world did they fry it.

To me, it was rocket science. To the iron chefs at Golden Cowrie, it was just another day at work.


Crispy Pata may take the spotlight but you just can't put their Dinuguan aside. The thickness of their Dinuguan was just so right and it compliments well with the spices on it. It was so good, I almost didn't share it. I'd kill for it.


Sizzling Gambas

I also had their Sizzling Gambas. The flavors are just right, no overpower from the salt and pepper on it. I just love how they emphasize on the shrimp's taste even if the egg and the flavors were all over it. Their Sizzling Gambas was loved but not their Kare-Kare. It was well prepared, the meat was soft as a young girl's heart and its vegetables were not overcooked either. The problem is the peanut butter. No, I don't hate peanut butter, I just hate on how it overtakes the whole flavors of the Kare-Kare. It may be an essential ingredient but too much of it just takes away the love from the dish.

Baked Scallops

With all the good food that I was enjoying, I have to hit the brakes a little to make way for their Baked Scallops. Thank God for the scallops, it made me forget the excessive peanut butter from their Kare-Kare. The Baked Scallops was epic. I love how the cheese coated and embraced the scallops, as if it was his long lost love. Along with a little salt and pepper, everything was in its rightful place.

Golden Cowrie Restaurant can be found in Salinas Drive Lahug, Lower Ground Floor SM City Cebu and the new branch at the Ayala Terraces.



>> Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When we talk about Cebu, we talk about the world's famous, Lechon de Cebu. So I have decided to feature it first. So I called my buddy Vior and ask him if he wants to go with me fill my stomach with one of the best lechon in town, KayKen's Lechon.

Now, KayKen's Lechon is ranked no. 3 in QTV's Pinaka (in their episode, Pinakamasarap na Lechon sa Pilipinas). Mila's Lechon (which is also found in Cebu) may be no. 1, but the tongue knows no numbers.

When we arrived, a lot of people were waiting for their orders, hungry and impatient. The service was fast but the people is just too impatient to wait and sink their teeth on that tender part of the meat. KayKen's Lechon offers not just lechon, they also serve Lechon Manok, Kinilaw, Pochero, and a couple of others. But at that time, we don't want anything else. We only want their lechon, the real thing, the real deal.

KayKen's lechon is just so good, the first bite was orgasmic. The meat was so tender and is always fresh from the bamboo stick. The best part of the lechon is its skin and ooh la-la, so crunchy and tasty, my diet died on that very moment. With pure coconut vinegar that has been spirited with bird's eye chili (Sili), it was so darn good, you will forget your name for a minute.

But Vior and I were afraid the lechon might get lonely on the table, so we ordered Dinuguan. Aaah, I just love the texture of their Dinuguan. All the spices were all balanced and you will get to taste a pinch of sour taste in it. The taste is never distorted and the meat was really there. And when you pour the Dinuguan on their massive, grenade-like Puso (Hanging rice), like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they make a delicious couple. No better way we can spend our 235 pesos (Softdrink included).

The place is well lighted, clean and well ventilated. It also have a parking lot which is right beside the restaurant.

KayKen's Lechon is located at the back of Gaisano Tabunok in Talisay City, Cebu.



>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! After a dozen of shady deals, saliva exchanges, tongue actions and blackmail, I proudly present to you, the epic food blog dedicated to the Queen City of the South, HUNGIT CEBU!

My name is Jason and I have been writing blogs for like, what? 4 years? So I have been thinking, since I loooove to eat and taste different cuisines around Cebu, why not make a food blog? At least I could contribute something to society and it would be nice to promote Cebu in my own little way.

Now, what is HUNGIT? In tagalog, hungit is "Subo". In english, it is to take a spoonfull of food in your mouth. This is what this food blog aims. To feed you with Cebu's finest cuisine that will make you crave all the time. I promise you netizens, write this on stone, that I, Jason, will show you the best food there is on this island. Join me as I rate every place from their presentation to their ambiance.

I welcome you to Hungit Cebu food blog. Walk with me to the streets where a spoonful weighs a ton.


Allow me to thank John Milton Castanares, Marlou Lao, Xavier Flordeliza and Vanessa Ann Balleras.


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