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If you wanna talk about native Filipino food, Golden Cowrie will be the first to get in your mind. One of the famous restaurants in Cebu, Golden Cowrie does not just offer good Filipino dishes, but also an ambiance so comforting, it feels like a spa. With a crew that wears native Filipino dresses ready to serve you and a banana leaf for a plate, nothing is more Filipino than Golden Cowrie Restaurant.

Crispy Pata

Golden Cowrie is so Pinoy, they offer eat all you can rice. Whichever you like, plain rice or garlic rice, it is eat all you can. Golden Cowrie is famous for their Crispy Pata and they did not just call it crispy for nothing. The crisp of the skin and the tenderness of the meat is just mindblowing, I wonder how in the world did they fry it.

To me, it was rocket science. To the iron chefs at Golden Cowrie, it was just another day at work.


Crispy Pata may take the spotlight but you just can't put their Dinuguan aside. The thickness of their Dinuguan was just so right and it compliments well with the spices on it. It was so good, I almost didn't share it. I'd kill for it.


Sizzling Gambas

I also had their Sizzling Gambas. The flavors are just right, no overpower from the salt and pepper on it. I just love how they emphasize on the shrimp's taste even if the egg and the flavors were all over it. Their Sizzling Gambas was loved but not their Kare-Kare. It was well prepared, the meat was soft as a young girl's heart and its vegetables were not overcooked either. The problem is the peanut butter. No, I don't hate peanut butter, I just hate on how it overtakes the whole flavors of the Kare-Kare. It may be an essential ingredient but too much of it just takes away the love from the dish.

Baked Scallops

With all the good food that I was enjoying, I have to hit the brakes a little to make way for their Baked Scallops. Thank God for the scallops, it made me forget the excessive peanut butter from their Kare-Kare. The Baked Scallops was epic. I love how the cheese coated and embraced the scallops, as if it was his long lost love. Along with a little salt and pepper, everything was in its rightful place.

Golden Cowrie Restaurant can be found in Salinas Drive Lahug, Lower Ground Floor SM City Cebu and the new branch at the Ayala Terraces.


Aay January 4, 2009 at 8:25 PM  

Kabalo man ko when you dined these food :-) Sa 26th :-)

Anyways, I will have to see if any of the food you'll "review" will not come up to par. So far, puro man lami imong gi-kaon.

fedge February 25, 2009 at 9:54 AM  

Hi Jason, it was good to hear from you that you had a wonderful experience at Hukad sa Golden Cowrie. For me it wasn't. I had a better experience at Golden Cowrie SM Cebu.

A lot of my friends are also complaining about their food service. I hope they can do something about it.

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