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Kalderetang Kambing

Along the busy highway of South Road Properties (SRP), a small eatery has been making noises, making vehicles hit the brakes every time they pass by the Talisay City portion of the SRP. At lunch time, you'll see an ocean of parked vehicles at the side of the road, causing a little traffic on a national highway. There, you will see Kandingan sa SRP eatery jampacked with customers.

The eatery gained popularity by word of mouth. My dad told me about it and he talks about it like it was a legend, so I have to go taste it myself.

Their menu consists of common dishes you see on an eatery. Paklai, Bam-e, Nilarang, Nilat-ang Baboy and of course, their specialty, Kalderetang Kambing (Kalderetang Kanding). They may have the same menu as the other eateries here but I tell you, they are at another level.

Their Kalderetang Kambing is exceptional! I have tasted a lot of different styles in cooking Kaldereta but their style is just different. It has this distinct taste that others don't have. With a price tag of 40 pesos per slice that comes with strong and unique flavor, they will take you to la-la land for a couple of minutes.

Kalderetang Kambing (Head)

But that's not all, to those hardcore Kalderetang Kambing lovers, they also offer the head. Yes, the whole head of the Kalderetang Kambing for 120 pesos. With the looks of it, you might just want to stick with the body parts. But if you want to give it a try, do not hesitate. The taste is just so good, and to some people, it taste better than the body parts.


Lechon Kawali

I also ordered their Bam-e. I am not a fan of that dish but when I looked at it, the look was so inviting, it was like an 18 year old teasing a boring 25 year old loser. The result? Raped. I ended up sharing it to everybody to let them taste the solid flavors of the dish. With vegetables and right amount of meat and a pinch of Calamansi, nothing could go wrong with their Bam-e. Along with the riot of dishes, their Lechon Kawali sat there calmly. Just by the looks of it, you have to thank God for that wonderful thing. The tenderness of the meat was like a newborn's cheek and the skin? oh damn, it was as crunchy as Doritos. Pork lovers will surely go crazy.


Another dish was the Paklai. Their Paklai have this bitter taste that just sends waves all over my body. "Papait" is a way of cooking by putting a small amount of bitterness on a dish. The bitter taste was there but the taste of the Paklai was not gone at all. The flavors was like Destiny's Child, they're in perfect harmony.


If you're up for fresh fish, I suggest you try their Nilarang. A Nilarang is a cooking style preferable to large fishes. With its sour taste, it is often mistaken as Sinigang. But I find it better than Sinigang. With spices that just covers the whole dish, you'll feel the love just from its scent.

If you are planning to try their delicious dishes, I suggest you go as early as 11:00am to stay away from the crowd.

Kandingan sa SRP is located at Cor. R. Rabaya St., South Road Project, Talisay City.


fedge February 25, 2009 at 9:57 AM  

I've tried the Oskan in Mandaue. I'm sorry to say but it is not something I can fathom lol... The soup was great but I just can't get past the head :)

Anonymous,  August 9, 2009 at 8:42 AM  

I have been to your legendary Kandingan. I'm sorry but I don't find it out of the ordinary. Sanitary-wise it is not so clean. Sharing your food with flies is not my idea of having a good eating time. It's TOO EXPENSIVE for a typical carenderia-like place - wet plates, some grumpy food assistants, sticky and slimy tables, and yes a lot of happy flies. While their food serving of THE kaldereta kanding does tastes good, you need to order at least 2 servings or more for you to be stomach-satisfied. I paid more than 160.00 feeling not even half-full. I would definitely not recommend the place as there are other places here in Cebu or in Talisay more worthy of your effusive comments (I wonder why?).

Anonymous,  September 29, 2010 at 4:00 PM  

you know i been to lot of places but nothing could taste better like kandingan.

Anonymous,  October 8, 2010 at 2:40 AM  

i say that I LOVE Kandingan sa SRP! yes, with 200 pesos i can bring my wife and 2 kids and enjoy a hearty delicious meal..as a matter of fact, most of my friends will just dropby KANDINGAN with their friends and family rather than cook and spend the same..i feel secure eating their food with my toddler kids coz i can see how the eatery are kept clean, although i see occasional flies (which is naturally seen in a tropical country). The price range is very affordable considering that their menu offerings are solid meat...sometimes i wonder how they can offer their kalderitang kambing @ 45 pesos where the goat meat already cost 300/kilo!!!well, is that marketing technique!?? GO KANDINGAN GO!!

Anonymous,  July 15, 2011 at 4:55 PM  

@ FEDGE: Iv heard anang OSKAN sa mandaue. Asa na?

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