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Pork Tonkatsu

Eating is an activity not just to cure hunger but is also an activity to have good times with your family, friends and your loved one. But there are also times when we just want to relax and have a couple of beers and have good food with your friends.

With all the rising prices of beer and food in the metro, I have stumbled upon a good place where everything is quiet and laid back with prices friendly to your pockets. This place is called Kubagli.

Kubagli is a unique restaurant and bar that fused Japanese and Filipino food. The place is so Japanese, you'll imagine Maria Ozawa on your side. Having a bottle of beer with you, their Pork Tonkatsu will surely get you going. It is not the typical Pork Tonkatsu you find in Japanese Restaurants. The pork cutlets are deep fried just like the typical breaded adobo. Their Tonkatsu's sauce is a nice mixture of sweet, sour and spicy. That combination can spawn Captain Planet anytime.

Pork Teriyaki

What I also recommend to pair up with your beer is their Pork Teriyaki. Served on a sizzling plate, their pork cubes are fried to the core, getting the meat as dry as it can. Not a good way to fry your pork cubes but it is a set up for something great. With their dry breaded pork on the sizzling plate, the teriyaki sauce is poured over the meat. It is a sea of teriyaki sauce that does not hurt the tastebuds. The teriyaki sauce is so good, that it can make a bad dish better! It's like having a photo of you with Anne Curtis - you as the dried pork and Anne as... well, you get the idea.

Kubagli's Cheese Sticks

When you are in Kubagli, I strongly suggest Kubagli's Cheese Sticks. These are cheese sticks that is breaded thoroughly to become the perfect stick. As they are served hot, every bite is like a live orchestra melting in your tongue. It really melts in your mouth and not on the plate. This is a very good pair to a beer. This cheese stick is legit.

Kubagli is not an exclusive Japanese-Filipino restaurant at all. This is a perfect place for college buddies and people who just wants a good time on a budget.

Who knows, you might really end up with Anne Curtis.

Kubagli is located beside BugRock Cafe, on top of Calda's Pizza in Mango Ave. area.


As you have noticed, the pictures of the food is at high quality. That is the work of an elite photographer named Roui Faelnar. If you think his food photography is as fine as me, you should see his fashion photography. He is one of the best in the industry. Check his works in his Multiply, http://www.roui.multiply.com


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