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>> Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Secrets are made to be broken. This is mostly true, but if you are a Marcos crony, you can argue that it is not. In Cebu, there are a lot of restaurants which are only known by a selected few. It does not mean that they serve distasteful dishes though. This is because they are located where no one ever imagined that there is a restaurant in the area.

The place over at 10 Dove Street, Sto. Nino Village in Talamban is a great example of a secret restaurant. Although some people heard of it, few have actually found and tasted it. Like the story of Ibong Adarna, it seems like people who finds it never come back and tell the story.

The restaurant at 10 Dove Street does not have its own name. It does not have any signage and if you ask their staff or a waiter, they will tell you that the name is 10 Dove Street. This is a restaurant which offers fine dining and an ambiance better than most restaurants. The restaurant have 6-8 tables which makes the atmosphere comforting and not too crowded. It is not advised to go alone as the place is designed for group dates and couples.

Dove street has a fixed menu which means, you need to pick a soup, a salad, a main dish and a dessert. This set is only at an approximate of P180 per set.

Broccoli and Cheese

Mushroom Monterey

First off, their Broccoli and Cheese soup is a winner. The thickness of the soup is perfect while the broccoli still the life of the party. Dove Street's Mushroom Monterey soup has the same qualities any regular mushroom soup. But its edge is definitely the way it was thickened. I love the heavy feel of the soup and its natural mushroom flavor.

Caesar's Potato Salad

Chicken Mango Salad

The Dove Street salads are legit enough to take you away. If you love Caesar's Salad but hate the leaves and vegetables, the Caesar's Potato Salad is for you. With a mixture of cubed potatoes, hard boiled eggs, chopped bacon and Caesar's salad dressing; this is the meat lover's counter to the usual Caesar's Salad. If you are into pasta salads, their Chicken Mango Salad is for you. This salad is composed of elbow macaroni, diced chicken, diced mangoes and water chestnuts in a light-mayo dressing. The character of this dish resembles to a wild ride in Disneyland as the sweetness of the mango and the sour taste of the mayo collides with the chicken. The salad is simply exciting.

Chicken Waldorf Salad

If vegetable salads make you tick, Dove Street's Chicken Waldorf salad will surely brighten your meal. A bowl of this salad is made of fresh lettuce, diced chicken, apples, celery, parsley, toasted walnuts, red onions, golden raisins mixed with cream and mayonnaise. If you do not call it a salad, then you need to transfer to Mars and take your fail with you.

Roast Beef Dylan

Tipsy Shrimps

For the main course, they serve sandwiches. But these are not just your ordinary sandwiches as each is a mouthful. Their Roast Beef Dylan sandwich is packed with tender roast beef with sautéed onions and mushrooms topped with melted cheese. The flavor of the beef flourishes with the onions and melted cheese that it is makes you think your mom made it for you. Their Tipsy Shrimps sandwich on the other hand is an opposite. This is a light sandwich made out of shrimps, tomato, cucumber and cream cheese. This sandwich is an acquired taste as the strong flavor of the shrimp is being mellowed down with the cucumber and tomato's natural taste. It's like a hot coffee in a 3-day rainstorm.

Porky's Nightmare

Another Dove Street pride, Porky's Nightmare is heaven to pork lovers. It is filled with roast pork, sliced tomato, cheese and tangy apricot dressing That makes this sandwich pass for outstanding. The sweetness and of the apricot sauce and the flavor of the roasted beef is one of the best combination of flavors I have ever tasted. This sandwich leaves a lasting impression that even Taylor Swift will write a song about it.

Mango Cake

The secret of a happy marriage may still remain a secret. But no matter how hard you try to keep a secret, it is a universal law that sooner or later, it will be discovered. Hayden Kho knows that best and learned it the hard way. So I share to you, 10 Dove Street. It is too good for a secret that it should not be kept.

10 Dove Street is located at 10 Dove Street, Sto. Nino Village, Banilad, Cebu City. Meal set for soup, salad, sandwich and cake is at P180 only. For reservations, contact 346-0618.


All pictures are taken by Roland Faelnar. For more of his works, you may go to http://roui.multiply.com


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