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>> Saturday, October 8, 2011

Building foundations of a good friendship requires time and nurturing. Any random person in the world could be your best friend, as long as you are willing to accept one's imperfections. A good way to nurture it is by spending time with your friends. A very important component to this is food. Yes, food brings people together. Either bad or good food, it still sparks the conversation in the table. Food essentially puts a positive effect most of the time, especially if the food is shared.

One of the greatest invention of man before the iPhone, lechon baboy, is one of the powerhouse in the gastronomic world. Lechon baboy is served for all purposes. You can devour it alone if you just can't get enough of the awesome fat or you can share it with family and friends. Having it alone would be incredible but as my personal take, nothing beats eating with someone.

Lechon Baboy

M and M Lechon knows about this and they know well. Serving in one of the booming districts of the south, M and M Lechon offers one of the best lechons in Cebu. M and M Lechon serves authentic Cebu lechon and makes sure that people of all types will get to enjoy it. If you are eating alone, you can still have lechon with their budget meal of 1/8 kilo of lechon, 2 puso (hanging rice) and your soda of choice for only P57.00.


Aside from lechon, M and M also serve other types of food coming from the lechon. If you are into chicharon bulaklak, liver or any dish that is made from the insides of the lechon, you would be delighted that everything is only at P12.00 each! What is great is that they just did not fry the laman-loob but marinated it and cooked in adobong bisaya style. The chicharon bulaklak is a bit salty as it retrieves its natural salt from the meat. People who have incredible salty tongues would surely love it.

Dinuguan, Paksiw and Laman-loob

Like Apple not having Steve Jobs, a lechon stall is comedy if they do not serve dinuguan. The fresh blood pudding is one good partner for lechon. These two are best of friends and you can never go wrong in pairing them both. For only P15.00, you can make a meal out of it already as the meaty dinuguan will always give you that nice fullness in the stomach. Not to be neglected is M and M's lechon paksiw. I love how they shy away the taste of the oil in cooking and the way they soften the lechon meat. Mixed with strong spices and a blast of vinegar, the lechon paksiw will kick start the conversation. The aroma of the dish reminds me of how strong my relationship was before I fell out of love with my ex, Anne Curtis.

If you have not tasted the lechon coming from Talisay, you have not tasted "Cebu lechon". Yes, there are some good players in Metro Cebu but the lechon in Talisay is at a different level. The meat is very tender and the flavor of the spices are able to set aside a little, making way for the natural flavor of the pork. What is also amazing is that M and M does not serve large pigs. Because of this, the flavor and the taste is so intact and the meat is extraordinarily juicy. Everyone's favorite, the lechon skin will not make you remember your Math because it never fails. Simply put, it is as crisp as the Iron Man costume.

The lechon is so good that even Taylor Swift is writing a song about it.

Having a good, hearty meal with family and friends is one of the best moments of our lives. M and M Lechon knows about this and this is why, like us, they nurture and place a good foundation when it comes to making the best lechon.

They make sure that the flavor, together with the experience of food, remains true and authentic. Just like how we like our friends.

M and M Lechon is located at the parking lot (at the back of McDonald's) of Gaisano Fiesta Mall, Cebu South Road, Tabunok, Talisay City.

For orders, you may contact: 513-0484 (landline), 09194973698 or 09231449919 (mobile) and look for Marvin or Marite Garcia


All pictures are taken by Roui Faelnar. For more of his photography, you may visit his site at http://rouifaelnar.com


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one of my list when i go back to my cebu city...thanks for updates

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