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>> Saturday, July 3, 2010

My girlfriend have this secret smile and she uses it only for me. I often long for that smile that every time I see it, my butterflies in my stomach will have butterflies.

That kind of smile is only known and shown to me. Perhaps, it is one of my best kept secrets. However, I may be good in keeping secrets like your best friend but one of the best restaurants in Cebu is no secret at all. Exposed like the magic of David Copperfield, Casa Verde is one of the elite class of restaurants that was only known by few before. Today, it is now equivalent to a tourist spot.

Casa Verde is a restaurant that specializes on steaks. One characteristic of the restaurant that I love is the family-style cooking in a classy environment. They serve food like how a mother serves her child. No matter how delinquent you are, you still deserve the best meal.

Bacon and Cheese Potato Skin

Since Casa Verde specializes on steaks, you will get to choose whether you want it with rice or mashed potatoes. In my world of gastronomy, mashed potatoes rule. Their Bacon and Cheese Potato Skin is one good dish for an appetizer. Served with sour cream, every bite is a delight. I love how they place the amount of bacon and cheese to balance the taste of each ingredient. To me, that is talent.

David Dean's Tenderloin

Tenderloin lovers need not to worry. The David Dean's Tenderloin is one hell of a dish. It is a steak on top of a mound mashed potato and topped with melted cheese. This is also served with demi-glaze and garnished with fried onions and roasted almonds. If the cake is better with icing, then tenderloin is better with demi-glaze. From the first look of the dish, I can already tell the demi-glaze is all over the dish like satin from the goddess Athena's bed. Tenderloin, for me, is really good in medium rare. The sweetness and the flavor of the meat would really come out and this is achieved by Casa Verde.

Brian's Ribs

Their best seller is Brian's Ribs. This is baked pork ribs with a sweet tangy piquet sauce. This is served with corn and rice or mashed potato. The serving of this dish is only meant for one but like any other magic, that is just an illusion. The serving of Brian's Ribs is equivalent to insane. Aside from the huge serving, the meat on the ribs is properly baked. The success of baking pork ribs is like the success of a 36D bra, everything does not fall off in a single poke. Unlike the separation of Kris Aquino and state, Casa Verde was able to achieve the proper way to bake the pork ribs.

Casa Verde seems to be an exposed secret to all of the Cebuanos. But there is one more secret in this very good restaurant. Known by few, there is an item that is not included in their menu. It is their monsterized Casa Verde burger. This secret burger is bigger than your fake Corelle plate. The secret burger is good for 4-5 persons with an appetite of an elephant.

Casa Verde does not need any illusion when it comes to cooking. With all the goodness that they serve in every plate, it is something that we cannot imagine on how they do it. Just like any magic show, enjoy every bite because there is real magic in good food.

Casa Verde is located at #69 Lim Tian Teng St. Cebu City (known as Ramos branch), A104 The Walk Asiatown IT Park Lahug, 3rd level, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.


Carleen July 3, 2010 at 6:58 PM  

wow.... gimingaw nako eat diha..

xagentpx,  September 19, 2010 at 1:55 PM  

I looove Casa Verde and nearly died when I ordered their 9-inch burger. Haha!

I look forward to going back to Cebu because of the food. :)

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